​​​​The 2012 CWsWiSE Workshop was held in Portland, Oregon in conjunction with the 2012 Applied Superconductivity Conference on October 7, 2012.

Workshop Agenda

Women Get Support in Following Their Dreams

In fifty years only 30 percent of science convention attendees will be women, if the current trend continues.  The Centennial Women Supporting Women in Science and Engineering (CWsWiSE) is trying to change this slow-going trend.

Dr. Cathy Foley, from CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering, stood at the podium in front of the CWsWiSE Workshop for Women telling the facts about the low numbers of women involved in science and engineering. 

The workshop was put together to teach young aspiring scientists and engineers how to balance work and life, master interviews, dress, and get jobs as a minority in the work place. 

The workshop took place in conjunction with the Applied Superconductivity Conference in Portland, celebrating 10 years of support for women in superconductivity. Professionals attending the conference from Sydney to Ukraine to America gathered at the workshop to talk about their experiences in the work place and bestow advice on to the women students who were getting ready to enter the working world. 

Dr. Kathleen Amm from GE Global Research, Emma Mithcell from CSIRO, Renuka Rajput-Ghoshal from Oxford Instruments, Tatiana Prikhna, and Lance Cooley from Fermilab were all members of a board answering questions about what they look for in an interview. They talked about the best clothes to wear, how to use body language to your advantage, and how to answer the curveball questions that get thrown at you.

Then, they talked about the big problem women face in the workplace—balancing family and work. When is the appropriate time to tell your boss you are pregnant? How do you deal with work at home when there are kids running around? 

Mitchell said she tries to check her e-mail or do work at home after her kids have gone to bed. Yet, everyone had a different tactic whether it involved waking up early or making sure you leave work around the same time everyday.  Find out what is important to you outside of work if you want to schedule time for something else.

“Identify your passions,” Mitchell said. This way you make sure you get some “me” time in your average day. So, join the triathlon club, schedule time for a long run, continue to play instruments, or continue to paint or draw. The most important thing about balancing work and life is that you remember you have a life. 

Other events of the day included discussing skills and awareness around the work place. Attendees got together in groups and discussed women specific issues such as sexual harassment. 

Professionals who were presenting at the conference also stopped by, giving the students a chance to speed network and connect with people in their field.

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